Day 3-4

Today is Day 4 and I’m still going strong! No crazy cravings yet, and I haven’t noticed any lethargy that can’t be explained by my impending period.

According to this amusing Whole30 Timeline, I should be either in “The Hangover” stage or the “Kill All the Things” stage, but so far I’m feeling pretty normal (knock on wood). Well, except for the usual irritability and such that comes along with PMS.

Anyway, on Day 3 I realized that I’m probably the luckiest Whole30er in the world, because this is what I had for lunch:

Tomato curry with beef and veggies over roasted potatoes! I asked my buddy Omar what was in the sauce and he said it was just tomato and spices. I was thrilled! I love my job, the food perks alone make it worth it. Note: those nuts are cashews, NOT peanuts.

For dinner, I experimented with one of the Master Recipes that are in It Starts With Food. I made Moroccan chicken. I kinda screwed it up – halved the recipe but forgot to halve some of the ingredients – but it still turned out pretty tasty! And it was quite simple to make, if I had left out the screwing up bit!

For breakfast this morning I reheated some leftover chicken with my leftover yams and added a bunch of spinach and half an avocado. And then I covered it with another work perk – leftover, freshly made salsa from our Cinco de Mayo promotion! (I freaking love leftovers. Could you tell?)

TJ is so nosy…I guess I can’t blame her, she gets it from her mother.

Random fact: coconut oil is awesome to cook with. And it does not make things taste like coconut. 

That is all.


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