All hail sweet potato toast!

Hello! Welcome to day 1 part 2 of my Whole30! 

Today I experimented with sweet potato toast, but I made it in the oven instead of the toaster. The exact thickness and preparation method will take some tweaking; some of mine came out softer than they’re supposed to and others were like sweet potato chips. However, they smelled and tasted AMAZING.

If you’re curious, I sliced the sweet potato less than 1/4 inch thin – although that’s what I was going for – and I drizzled/rubbed olive oil on both sides. Sprinkled with salt & pepper and baked at 425 degrees for 20 min, flipped, 10 more min, and then left them under the broiler for another 2-3 minutes. Again, they didn’t come out perfect, but I’ll get there.

And you know what else? I found the true purpose of this coconut butter thing. It’s sweet potato toast.

The first time I tried the coconut butter, I just ate a spoonful on its own and I was very disappointed. I was of the mindset that if you can eat peanut butter off a spoon, why not coconut butter? Not sure why I expected it to taste sweet…my expectations of what coconut tastes like is probably based on something that’s 1 part coconut and 2 parts sugar.

Enter, sweet potatoes! (Ok, technically yams, I guess? The orange ones)

The sugar from this root vegetable gives the coconut just the right amount of sweetness to turn this into a delicious paleo/Whole30 friendly treat!

I’m not sure what’s becoming of me, but I think I like it!

Goodnight from Erin & Princess TJ


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