It has begun! Whole30 Day 1

Today marks the beginning of my first Whole30. For anyone who may be unfamiliar with the program, it instructs you to only eat food that makes you “more healthy” and to completely cut out food that may make you “less healthy” for 30 days. Supposedly it is a life changing experience that balances your hormones, cures you of cravings, and reduces or eliminates systemic inflammation. It is also reputed to severely lessen the effects of many health issues like diabetes, high blood pressure, eczema, arthritis, seasonal allergies, etc, etc, etc.

Essentially, for 30 days these foods are not allowed:

  • Grains
  • Legumes
  • Dairy (except for ghee aka clarified butter)
  • Added sugars (natural sugar from fruit is ok)
  • Alcohol

You ARE supposed to eat high quality meat, eggs, and seafood, lots of vegetables, some fruit and healthy fats like from coconuts, olives, avocados and nuts.

If you want more info, and trust me, there’s plenty of it, visit the Whole30 website. I also highly recommend reading the book It Starts With Food by Dan and Melissa Hartwig. The book describes the science behind how food effects the body, but in a very digestible way (no pun intended, if you can believe that).

ANYWAY! Enough about that, more about me.

Here is my before picture, taken yesterday. I was not intentionally hiding behind the adorable baby, that just happened to work out.


This morning I weighed in at 180.1 lbs and I won’t be weighing myself again until the end of the 30 days.

To be fair, I usually fluctuate between 175-178ish, but I had spent the weekend eating, drinking, and making merry at a friends birthday celebration. So, overindulgence and bloat are probably to blame. I also blame the flamingos.



My first Whole30 meal consisted of 1.5 eggs scrambled with a good amount of frozen spinach and a Teton Waters Ranch uncured Polish sausage which TJ was coveting.

The sausages were the ones I found at Costco with the wonderful all natural ingredients.
I followed this up with half an apple with almond butter, because I had forgotten my fat and had no avocados on hand. Sad day… Not really though, that apple was the bomb.


Luckily, my job feeds me lunch every day and always has compliant options!

I went with chicken breast, green beans and red potatoes with some Lindsey’s Natural olives (found the black ones at Wal-Mart!). Accompanied by unsweetened iced tea.

I realized too late that my lunch was almost an exact replica of the dinner I had prepared a week ago and left in the freezer…

Oh well, at least I got some avocado to go with it! Also, Squamch said it was “beautiful and delicious” and he “gives it 3 thumbs up”, so I got that going for me.

These Damn flamingos, I tell ya…bad influences, every one of them.

Goodnight, my darlings 😙


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