Whole30 Preppin’

This week, in preparation for my Whole30, I stocked up on some essential supplies at Sprouts Farmer’s Market and Costco.

I’ll be out of town for the weekend, so I held off on all the fresh veggies & fruit I’ll be needing.

BUT check out all these pantry staples!

We got:

  • Olive oil (doi)
  • Organic chicken bone broth
  • Organic sweet potatoes/yams (Costco sized bag, cuz you know I’m gonna be eating a lot of those)
  • Wild caught canned tuna (2 kinds, cuz that’ll be super easy to eat when I don’t feel like cooking, and also I can decide which I like better)
  • Grass fed ghee aka clarified butter
  • Coconut manna aka coconut butter (which honestly kind of tastes like eating pure coconut oil. If anyone has suggestions on how to eat this stuff, let me know)
  • Organic unsweetened coconut
  • Almond butter
  • Organic coconut milk (ingredients list includes “guar gum” but turns out that is allowed in the Whole30 *phew*)

Not pictured:

  • The literal case of chicken bone broth I got at Costco
  • A buttload of chicken (also Costco, of course)
  • All natural no-additives-added sausages or hot links…I forget which but I was stoked about their ingredient list
  • And finally, 2 types of olives, albeit not the type I wanted. Turns out regular canned black olived have this weird iron additive stuff which I’m not sure is expressly forbidden, but why take the chance? So I settled for some Lindsey’s Natural green olives and some kalamata olives or something which have red wine vinegar in the ingredients, but not actual red wine (this is important). Alcohol ist nicht erlaubt.

So I am pretty impressed with myself for my preparation skills and I’m super excited to give this Whole30 thing a go! In the meantime I will try to not make too many reckless binge eating decisions based on the fear of not being able to eat “illegal” foods for 30 days, but honestly my lunch choices this week have been questionable AND I’m spending the weekend in Palm Springs for a birthday celebration so…I could be trying a little harder. Oh well, life’s too short to regret the occasional croissant.

In other news, the jasmine is blooming and Southern California smells like heaven

Happy almost Thursday, loves


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